Rusty Spokes® was founded in 1997 in San Diego, CA by David Morrow, president and founder
He had been restoring and selling vintage bicycles for most of the time, but had started selling new cruiser bicycles
In 2005, he went to a trade show in Las Vegas, (Interbike) in search of a bicycle manufacturer.
After sitting on Mountain bikes and Cruisers, he noticed the difference in the feel, Cruisers had no rear suspension.
David thought about that for a while and decided he could and would make a cruiser with rear suspension.
He personally made 6 prototype chopper bicycles. In his store. The response was amazing.
Building bikes by hand was a tedious and expensive proposition. He went to China and had 3 of his prototype bikes built in mass quantities.
A year and a half later, he incorporated a 4th bike. Six more followed shortly after.
He now has a total of 10 Softcruise® bicycle designs.
Three of the designs are being sold at 20 locations in the Southern California area.
His company has been voted the Number 1 bike company in San Diego for the last 5 years. (2011-2016) by the readers of a local publication, Beach Bay Press (40,000 readers)
He invented and manufactures the Softcruise® bicycle line. The 1st and only rear suspension cruiser in the world
Mr. Morrow has 10 patents and 4 trademarks, all pertaining to bicycles

Rusty Spokes has developed six new prototype bicycles which are coming soon

Why buy a SoftCruise® bicycle?

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Softcruiser® bicycles were invented and are assembled in San Diego, CA 

Each bike is inspected prior to assembly, the final quality assurance is done by a cruiser professional.

Patented rear suspension design

The 1500 pound spring and the swing arm provide the necessary action to make the smoothest, most comfortable cruiser bike ever designed.

Leather grips versus plastic grips

Aluminum wheels

As opposed to steel wheels that rust and are heavier

Three piece cranks

1 piece cranks are not as durable

Sealed bottom bracket

Fenders with mud flaps

A rooster tail may look impressive to the onlooker, but both of the rooster tails created by riding a bike through rain water or puddles leave an ugly residue on your clothes, which may be OK if you are out riding for fun but if you are on your way to the office, it does not look impressive

The seat is more comfortable than most cruiser seats

The seat works in conjunction with the spring and the swing arm to provide the most comfortable ride possible

10.5-gauge painted spokes, the paint inhibits rust.

14-gauge steel spokes rust and break easily.

Thicker gauge spokes reduce the chances of breaking

Aluminum hubs

Lighter weight and more durable than steel hubs

KMC Chains

KMC Chains are of the highest quality; they are reported to last 7500+ miles

Lightweight Aluminum pedals

Most cruisers have plastic pedals are much less durable, i.e., they break

Softer ride than a standard cruiser bike Sit on one and you can feel the difference