It's been a long way from our bike shop in Pacific Beach. Come on a ride and learn how Rusty Spokes created his patented SoftCruise® beach cruiser.

Why Buy A Softcruise®

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Rusty Spokes

My SoftCruise® Beach Cruisers are the smoothest riding bicycle you'll ever experience.

First and foremost you would be supporting Dave Morrow, a local entrepreneur who has been designing beach cruisers since 2005. His patented rear suspension ensures its rider with the most comfortable ride you’ll ever experience. 

Come take a look at our SoftCruise®

Men and Women's Beach Cruisers

The Smoothest Ride Ever!

SofTCRuise® by Rusty Spokes

Finally, each beach cruiser is hand-assembled at Dave’s private workshop and is inspected prior to assembly. The final quality assurance inspection is performed by a bike shop professional before the Softcruise® Beach Cruiser is sent out to our customers.

A Brief History

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SoftCruise® BeachCruiser

The seat has dual wide springs providing a super comfy ride when adjoined with the suspension. His suspension is designed with a swing arm and a 1500 lbs spring. With the seat and suspension working together, it provides the rider a smooth trip.

No other beach cruisers have this patented feature.


byRusty Spokes

Since 1997 with a humble beginning of restoring vintage bikes I wanted to develop a smooth-riding beach cruiser. In 2010, after some engineering, my first line of SoftCruise® Beach Cruisers was riding up and down Pacific Beach, California.

There are now 24 stores up and down the west coast that are selling my beach cruisers.  You might just be able to rent on if you're on the boardwalk.